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We specialise in commercial, residential and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning, offering Turnkey Solutions for your business.

Produce detailed design for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial HVAC projects

Heat pump design during a building project

The idea of installing a heat pump in your new build has taken hold? Or modernising an older building is becoming more and more important? Avail yourself of our heat pump quotation service*! Simply specify the requirements of the heat pump and get the right products and a non-binding quotation from from our qualified assessment team.

  • Steps to the right heat pump
  • Building inspection
  • Calculate the heat load
  • Select the heat pump functions
  • Identify the type of heat pump
  • Find an installation location
  • Obtain your personal quotation
  • Service and promise of guarantee
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Are you interested in modernising an older building? In our “Information & engineering” area we have information on how you can save. We show you sample applications from “affordable” and “convenient” through to “efficient”. Find out all about modernising with heat pumps. Understand the process involved in selecting and designing the right heat pump by reading our “Expert tips from a qualified engineer”.

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We provide producer statements for HVAC Systems:

PS1 – Design
PS2 – Design and Review
PS3 – Construction
PS4 – Construction Review
Inspection, Maintenance and Reporting of building Features:
SS9 – Mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems
IQP checks for the building

Design, Supply & Install all types of refrigeration storage, processing rooms and On-farm refrigeration

  1. Small walk-in coolers and freezers;
  2. Large warehouse refrigerated storage;
  3. Large processing rooms;
  4. Refrigerated cases for supermarkets and convenience stores;
  5. Display reach-in line-ups;
  6. On-farm refrigeration units.
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Provide in-depth evaluation of your HVAC/R equipment, maintenance requirements and operating strategies.

We can service, retrofit or replace equipment in order to improve and enhance your systems. Our analysis and feedback can help you make strategic management decisions, avoid unexpected equipment down-time and ensure your system is always operating as efficiently as possible. All of this helps you – our client – achieve bottom-line savings.

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